09 December 2011

Chilly Not Cold

To give you an idea for what our weather is like lately, here is a picture from a sharing site with our local newspaper taken in November. Nothing much has changed since then, though we did have freezing fog this week.

Doesn't that just sound like a super villan power? I can just imagine the Joker spraying something from his wrist (I know, that's Spiderman) that creates a thick fog, freezing everything it touches. I've heard a rumor that the locals "made up" freezing fog as an excuse for slowly delivered mail. However, I can be a whitness to the frozen spider web, like in this picture, that was in our work parking lot this morning. Though there are no other indicators, if that is the power of freezing fog then I'm a believer!

Many mornings I wake up and the fog is so thick from all the rain the days before you can barely see the barns on the side of the road. I hope to get a picture of that some day!