07 December 2011

Bombs Away Cafe - Corvallis

By the look of that signage, what would you expect on Bombs Away Cafe's menu? Pizza? Video game themed burgers? Nope. Bombs Away Cafe, officially a taqueria, is not at all what you would expect. Unless of course, you're just expecting tastiness.

Their menu actually goes beyond just tacos and your normal Mexican fanfare. Bombs Away menu includes burgers and sandwiches, and probably my favorite feature is their $5 lunch specials.

The interior is very cafe like, with Christmas lights and small tables. In fact, space is pretty limited. So during their busy lunch hours Bombs Away Cafe uses their stage to house more seating. That's right, I was sitting on a stage! A stage where they host various local bands and performers on a daily?, weekly at least, basis. Again, not exactly what you would expect of a taqueria, but definitely capturing the cafe feel.

A couple co-workers and I visited Bombs Away Cafe on your average school session weekday, and it was fairly busy but we were served quickly. Luckily, my co-workers were not at all weirded out that I took pictures of their food.

Bombs Away is a great option for a casual lunch, maybe a party spot around dinner and happy hour, and not the place to go if you want to be classy. I'd say the only downside is parking, but that's the case with any restaurant you visit near the university.