28 October 2011

On the Crohns Front

I usually don’t give Crohns updates, but the topic typically comes up every time I’m in a conversation with close family and friends. Since this is, after all, a newsletter about me, I figured I’m probably due to give an update.

I started this post a few months ago, when I realized that my last report on Crohns was over a year ago. When I started the post in August I felt great! I had gained weight, and while that sounds like a bad thing, it is a really good sign for me. In fact, I think it was the first time during my marriage to Scott that I came home with the happy news. He was puzzled.

About a month later I started feeling nauseous every day, an unusual occurrence for Crohns (No, I'm not pregnant.). I decided to make an appointment with a gastroenterologist here in Corvallis to see if he had any ideas. He didn't think it sounded like Crohns either and ordered some blood work to get initial clues. Note: The sign of a good gastroenterologist is the ordering of blood work. Not exactly sure why, but my favorite doctor's always have, and my least favorite NEVER asked.

My blood work showed a high level of liver activity, which is not something typically related to Crohns. It could be a sign that something else was malfunctioning, like my gallbladder. Without knowing for sure, my doctor ordered a CT scan, which I had done a couple weeks ago.

Now, don't freak out! Apparently CT scans are the new X-ray. It is a fairly common way for doctors to get a visual of what's going on inside without actually going inside (surgery or scoping). When I told family and friends that I was going in for a CT scan, many of them immediately referred to House or Grey's Anatomy episodes where a CT scan means imminent death. You should know, if no one's told you already, that House portrays an over exagerated, not to mention unethical, practice of medicine. Just ask Scott. He's had to watch episodes for homework... or at least that's what he told me.

The CT scan came back clean. My gallbladder's fine, by kidneys are fine, my liver looked fine. However, Mr. Crohns, in addition to where he's always been, has expanded his territory a tad. My immune system is still a bit overactive, meaning I catch every cold virus passed around the office or church nursery (even though I'm in Young Womens). But hey, the nausea stopped! I'm having discussions with my doctor this week about medicine. I expect that I will be able to get Mr. Crohns under control without any further references to popular television programing.