26 October 2011

Notes from Medical School

Life has been so busy that whenever Katie has asked that I blog about med school I've never had the time to sit down and write. She got tired of waiting and sat down to ask me questions for an update post. Here's the Q and A:

Describe your medical school schedule.
Busy. It's extremely busy. The content isn't that difficult, it's the pacing. If you had 8 years to learn all the material then anyone could do it. We only have two years to learn every little detail of the body before getting into the hospitals for rotations. It's been three months and we just finished studying gross anatomy, head and neck, and as of Tuesday began studying molecular and cell biology.

How is med school different from undergrad studies?
Med school requires more time and energy. In my undergraduate work I could attend class if I wanted to, complete the homework, and do well in the class. In med school I get up early to study, attend all lectures and labs, study more before going to bed. All to wake up and do it again the next day.

Does med school meet the expectations you had?
Yes. I felt well prepared. BYU prepared me well for med school. A lot of this stuff I'm already familiar with.

If you could go back in time and tell yourself one thing to better prepare, what would you say?
Take more biology courses.

What has been your favorite med school moment so far?
I enjoyed TAing. It put me in a good position for the rest of school - socially and academically. I have a lot of good friends coming from different backgrounds. It's the real deal.