28 September 2011

Willamette Valley Fruit Company - Salem

I forgot to mention that Stanley made one more stop with us on our trip to Salem, Oregon - the Willamette Valley Fruit Company, which is located in between Salem and Silverton. I had heard about WVF Co from my young women at church. They told me about the AMAZING hot chocolate and smoothie milkshakes. They also mentioned that the cafe has a happy hour where most everything on the menu is $1. From their drool and googlie eyes, I knew that I needed to sample these local delicacies. I drug Scott along with me... He was not dissapointed.

We ordered a Forest Berry pie Frostbite, which is basically a milkshake with a slice of pie jumbled up. We were given so many options of pie to choose from, but decided on Forest Berry because it included blueberries, blackberries, and boysenberries. Mmm! Can't pass that up! We also ordered a turkey bacon ranch panini.

All the food was so delicious Scott didn't even mind that I took this rather unflatering photo of him. He kept saying, "Who was the genius that decided to put pie in a milkshake?" I tried to tell him that Sammy's in Provo, UT had that menu item while we were living there, but he didn't believe me until his cousin confirmed.

Another reason to visit the Willamette Valley Fruit Company this Fall is for their corn maze and Harvest Festival. The maze and festival don't begin until October 1, but it looks to be a rare treat. WVF Co is partnering with Salem-Keizer Education Foundation and Marion-Polk Food Share to help promote the NO Hungry Child campaign. A worthy cause! They even designed their maze this year based on the campaign logo, which you can see on the WVF Co home page. If you're interested in attending and live nearby, I have a $1 off coupon that I received at their cafe. It's all yours since we have a HouseParty, the OSU v BYU game, and other weekend appointments in October!