30 September 2011

A Conference Weekend

Thank Heavens it's Friday, and for more reasons than one! I am so excited for this weekend, as we approach the 181st Semiannual General Conference! Conference weekend is the best. Not only does "attending church" involve my pajamas and usually a yummy homemade breakfast, but I am able to listen to the prophet speak. I've already loved all the talks shared in the Relief Society broadcast last Saturday.

To gear up for conference I read this story from a BYU devotional by the prophet, President Thomas S Monson:

On one occasion many years ago, while visiting the Indianapolis Stake, I remember President Low, who was with Purdue University there, saying to me, “Brother Monson, would you like to come out to my home and stay with us Saturday evening, or would you prefer to forego the 40-mile drive and stay here with my counselor in Indianapolis?”

I responded, “Well, President Low, it’s late at night, and, if it’s all the same to you, I’ll stay with your counselor here in Indianapolis.”

The next morning President Low greeted me at eight o’clock and said, “Brother Monson, you made an inspired decision.”

I asked, “How’s that?”

“Well,” he replied, “we have a son away attending the university, and our anticipation was that we, of course, would have you occupy our bedroom on Saturday evening. But unknown to us and totally unexpectedly, our son returned home from school at two in the morning, came in the front door, walked up the stairs to our bedroom, turned on the light, and yelled, ‘Surprise!’ ”

I’m not certain who would have been more surprised on that occasion had I stayed with the stake president—the student or me! I think it’s rather a good thing we didn’t find out.

I most definitely laughed at my cubicle imagining that scene!

The only downside to this weekend is that we don't have BYUtv at home. Still, I think we're going to try out streaming live on the internet this year. I'll let you know how it goes. Enjoy your weekend!