26 September 2011

Flat Stanley Visits Oregon

Our young friend Natalie, aka Natto, sent Scott and I a letter from her elementary class in California asking if Flat Stanley could come and visit us in Lebanon. Flat Stanley's been around... in the blogosphere, but if you haven't heard of him before here's the rundown: in the book, Stanley becomes flat, and his family decides to send him to visit cousins around the states. I haven't read the book so I can't be very specific, but I understood that Flat Stanley wanted to visit the non-international Lebanon.

I also understood that I needed to provide clothes for Stan the man, as he came without. Tsk tsk. The day that I received the letter, I brought Stanley to work with me, and of course, he became a Beaver Fan. The great state of Oregon is, after all, nicknamed the Beaver state.

It was necessary to then take Stanley to the football stadium. There was a light drizzle so Stanley came prepared.

Wherever we went that week, Stanley went also. Stanley visited Scott at the newest medical school in Oregon...
We went to Salem because Scott needed to visit a Mens Wearhouse and can you believe there isn't one nearby?! There wasn't one in Salem either. We had to go up to Kaizer. While we were in Salem though, we tried to bring Stanley to the state capital building. I figured the elementary kids back in Cali would eat that stuff up... but we couldn't find the building! I was looking for a dome. We didn't realize we should have been looking for an angel?!

Flat Stanley returned in a business envelope back to school. We hope that there he gives rave reviews of Oregon, with all it's sheep and berries... and beavers.