15 July 2011

Taco Bus, Taco Bus

Sometimes, when I'm feeling particularly silly I will add new verses to this song. The Taco Bus in my town deserved a verse as I waited for my two (no adequate words to describe) awesome chicken tacos to be ready.

Taco Bus, Taco Bus
does whatever a taco bus wants
In the summer, I find them here
at the pawn shop

Yeah, they are definitely park outside of, and mooching electricity from, a pawn shop across the street from WalMart in Lebanon. But I have no cares for whence their utilities are found, only that their food meets my taco bus expectations. Don't worry, I waited a couple days after ingestion before I finalized the decision that the taco bus was indeed worthy of blog attention.

I guess it's not really a bus though...  Taco RV? Taco Truck?