18 July 2011

Brewster's Barn

I was going to add a city location to that title, but honestly I'm not sure what city jurisdiction Brewster's Barn lies in.

Brewster's Barn is an antique shop that also hosts estate sales. The shop is literally in an old white barn in the country and finding it is tricky, even though there are signs every where encouraging shoppers to visit. If you travel down Hwy 20 between Lebanon and Albany, and take 226 past Crabtree, you will find a small sign indicating that a right turn will take you to Brewster's Barn. Then there are a few welcoming flags to let you know when you've arrived at the short country road that leads you to the store itself.

It's a quaint shop, the kind where you have to step over their golden retriever basking in the summer sun in order to reach a pile of goodies awaiting your inspection. Some of the pieces at Brewster's Barn are actually antiques, some are labeled "old" (like canning jars?) and priced higher on account of their ancientness.

Which reminds me, did I tell you about the time Scott and I visited a garage sale in Lebanon and bought a tent? I know perfectly well that I haven't announced that on the internet, but I will tell you that there we were invited by a boy of 7 to purchase his old toy dump truck. He had sacrificed the truck in the prospect of making some money, but he hadn't priced it.

"Do you have a kid? Or know a kid?" He asked. I replied that we had nefews, but no kids of our own yet. "Oh, well I'm selling that truck over there. It's $10... no $20. See, the price is a little higher, because it's old!" I laughed, but definitely didn't buy the truck.

Anyway, cute shop... Brewster's Barn. Bound to be some treasures in there, though the main treasure for me that day was the community-wide garage sale happening in Crabtree down the street. I bought a beautiful over-stuffed forest green chair for $15! Uh, yeah! Perfect condition, just needed a light cleaning. It's going in the office/guest room, which someday I will document.