13 July 2011

Emmons Meat Market - Corvallis CLOSED

Emmons Meat Market is located on Highway 34 in Corvallis, so it is something I see and now crave every day on my drive to work. I LOVE local butchers. Having butcher shops, and cheese stores, and bakeries reminds me so much of France where everything is made with quality local ingredients, daily. Emmons is no exception, though their meat really doesn't bring European thoughts to mind as much as Texan.

Emmons was first recommended to me by a colleague who frequents their lunch counter (open 10 am - 4 pm Mon-Sat). She told me that their pulled-pork sandwiches were divine. She didn't lie! You can choose between a half sandwich or whole, though half was not as small as I imagined. In fact it was what I had thought a whole sandwhich would be. They top the pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw, and I even got to choose between sweet tangy bbq sauce and vinegar. I ate it up so fast, I didn't realize I hadn't photographed it until all that was left was my empty plate.

The lunch counter also serves exotic burgers... sounds odd. Teally they don't call them exotic, it just feels that way to me. Buffalo meat burgers or Elk meat burgers are options on their menu, as well as other sandwiches. And then of course, you have freezers of meet cuts and sausages to choose from and take home with you.

I literally salivate every time I drive by Emmons, thinking of the wonderful lunch my parents and I had there. In fact, I'm already planning my return with Scott because Fridays are Sirloin Tip sandwich day, and that does nothing but bring a smile to his face and tummy.

*Emmons closed in January 2014.