08 July 2011

Parents on the Move

I mentioned before that my parents came down to visit me over the weekend. They have officially moved from Sitka, Alaska and are planning on relocating in “the lower 48.” Exactly where they will retire is yet to be determined. Temporarily, at least, they will be spending time in the LA area where grandchildren take precedence. It was so fun to have them in Lebanon, and luckily even though I just started my new job I didn’t have to work for the extent of their visit. Before their move, I kept a running list of things I wanted to do with them in town, and when my dad arrived he noted that most of them (if not all) involved food. Must I remind everyone that indeed my life revolves around my stomach? In any case, they obliged while requesting a couple stops of their own.

My parents wanted to see Corvallis, so I took them on Saturday to the grand Farmer’s Market. We ate fresh local raspberries and wandered through the massive crowds. As we neared the end of the row of booths, my parents realized that they have been in Corvallis before. A year ago while prospecting retirement locations in Central and Southern Oregon and they distinctly remembered the children’s water fountain in downtown Corvallis.

We shopped, and ate (I will post restaurant reviews next week), and ogled over this gorgeous farm home on the market in Lebanon. In fact, to see this home we had to drive just outside Lebanon through rolling hills and farm/ranch land. On the corner of the street where this farm home is located, is a quaint old school house. We couldn’t figure out why it was out in the middle of nowhere and guarded by a barbed wire fence, except that maybe it is pioneer era and they want to preserve it.

Can you see the painted story windows? We had to stop and photograph this historical building. In my mind’s eye I could see the children in their bonnets and suspenders walking through the fields to school.

We ended their stay by celebrating Independence Day with my sweet Relief Society president and her family. They have a country home outside of Lebanon with chickens and lambs. It was fun to celebrate the 4th with a BBQ and pyro-enthralled children.

We had a blast, and I get to see my again parents soon! At the end of this month they are coming back for Western University’s grand opening and Scott’s white coat ceremony. Exciting July!