18 May 2011

Preserving Memories

My parents are moving from Sitka, AK to “the lower forty-eight” as we like to call it. They haven’t really decided where they’ll root themselves yet. A a big factor in that decision surrounds the fact that Scott and I have no idea where we’ll be ten years from now. What can I say? I’m the princess/ bulls eye for parentals!

Well when I got a box in the mail from my mom a week ago, I could tell that she’s packing up anything we might find important. In my box she included corded ropes from graduations, pictures from band trips, and my binder covers from junior or senior year. It was a fun little trip down memory lane, but the pictures aren’t really keepers. Plus I’m not a scrapbooker, or hoarder for that matter. That’s why I blog! It’s my journal with pictures.

So here are some pictures from my past:

In 8th grade I went with the Blatchley Middle School jazz band for the first time to the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. Michele Gauker and I would switch every other song on the piano.

There’s me in the front. About a week before this I had been to Portland, Oregon with my mom to be diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Prior to the trips I had been doubled over sick and lost about twenty pounds of athletic muscle. I learned later that friends had thought I was anorexic.

Two years later as a sophomore I went back to the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. This time not only as a piano player, but I also traveled as a Vocal Jazz singer.

I'll spare you the close up, since my Crohns diagnosis called for a prednisone prescription. I gained back the weight I lost... and some!

Then there's my junior/senior handmade binder cover:

Complete with Sitka sunsets and youth conference photos to keep me spiritually energized for the year. Not to mention the much needed happy face band-aid cut out and a faddish monkey cartoon. Perfect!

Last but not least included in my mother's package was my swimming instructor photo from the summer of 2006 when I taught Red Cross Learn-to-Swim lessons at the Community School's pool.

It was a challenging summer, as I had graduated from BYU-Idaho, traveled on a study abroad to France, and was desperately wanting to move on with my life. Limbo is universal, Younglings. Not only is it universal, it is reoccurring!

That about wraps up this flashback session! These memories are officially preserved electronically and can now be physically lost in the move to Lebanon, Oregon.