16 May 2011

Not-So-Extreme Couponing

I started using coupons a few months ago when I moved into the Chandler house and started benefiting from their Sunday newspaper inserts. I'd been following couponing for about a year since Provo had some great resources available, not to mention amazing stories! Back then I felt limited in my couponing quest without a printer (I now have one) or a newspaper subscription.

When I started using coupons and teaching Martie about the budgeting benefits of shopping sales, Curt requested to stock up if I ever saw a sale for paper products. Martie loves Charmin! I don't blame her! Living in her house for six months, I am now a convert. So I watched The Krazy Coupon Lady site for the yellow box symbol, signifying that Charmin had gotten to a good enough deal to stock. That deal didn't appear until two weeks ago. Good timing, considering we are packing up for the move.

I told Big Curt, ordered from a coupon clipping service and insert shipping service, and prepared for my haul. With coupons and gift cards towards your next purchase at Target, the deal included 24 Double Charmin rolls, 8 large Bounty paper towel rolls, one single Bounty roll, and Charmin Freshmates - normal retail around $31, all four for $15.

The deal isn't Extreme Couponing by any stretch. In fact, I took Scott with me to push two carts around Target, and he really wasn't impressed with the amount spent. But Curtis and Martie now own a Matrix-load of tp at half the price they normally pay, and I have more experience for my couponing resume.

I am excited to bring my coupon skills to Oregon, mostly because I think shelves will be better stocked with sales items, as opposed to Elk Grove where couponers abound! Images dance in my mind of the stockpile I could accumulate in my Cascade Ridge apartment! These skills will be priceless during our medical school years.