11 February 2011

Med School Update: Choice Revealed

We are lucky to share Family Home Evening time with the Kartchners. I love that they are consistent with the family activity and that there is a schedule for it. We always start off Family Home Evening with a song and prayer (inevitably by Jackson or someone of Jackson's choice) and then we get to do Sharing!

Sharing works like normal school sharing time, except that everyone has a chance to share a thing/talent/news and then the family can ask questions about it. Question time has probably changed a little bit since Scott and I came to Sacramento... mostly Scott. He turns every question into "Who would win in a match...?" This isn't too difficult to do because the boys usually share a new toy or super hero move.

Two weeks ago after Jackson shared his carpentry skills, Sterling shared his Build-A-Bear teddy, and Kaden demonstrated moves from his Alladin Jr. production, Scott and I decided to share.

I went first. I shared how I got $28 in merchandise for $2.70 + tax. I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I can leave the house with a few coupons and come home with something for free. Cheap thrills!

Then Scott shared that he made a medical school decision. It was a tough choice because both of the schools that Scott was accepted to would provide him with a great education. However, Scott was accepted to a special summer program at one school. In the program Scott would take his first year anatomy course in the summer and if he passed would be a TA in the Fall and finish the class with honors. Envisioning the opportunities this program could give Scott, we were swayed!

Scott was wearing a Snuggie, my Christmas Snuggie actually, when he revealed which school he WOULD NOT be attending...

Not sure if you caught that, but Scott decided he would decline Rocky Vista University (Colorado) and join Western University of Health Sciences in Lebanon, Oregon.

I can see how the presentation of Scott's decision may be confusing since he's wearing a Rocky Vista t-shirt. As it turns out, Rocky Vista sent Scott this shirt before he had officially made his decision. Scott now proudly wears the $2000 (two non-refundable down payments worth) t-shirt. He claims it's his new basketball shirt.

And you may wonder why it took so long to announce our choice... I had to wait for Scott to tell RVU about his decision. It was a difficult call, but he finally made it... yesterday! So it's official now! We will be Oregonians in a few short months.