25 March 2011

Philadelphia Cooking Creme Party

Last Friday we held our Philadelphia Cooking Creme HouseParty at the Chandler home! I spent some time on Thursday making the desserts using the Original Flavor Cooking Creme, and then was pretty much busy all day Friday with party preparations. In total I made five dishes with the cooking creme, three entrees and two desserts. I made sure we had a green salad and drinks to go with the meal, and everyone was more than disappointed that the salad and drinks didn't contain cooking creme. Maybe next time!

Don't you love how Martie hobbled out (she recently had a terrible shower accident, if you haven't heard) to the kitchen table to tie up the Philly swag? She did an excellent job, even if I told her it could have been done just as well resting in bed. She doesn't listen!

Thank you Dr. Matt for your excellent poses! They are so realistic! I had forgotten to take pictures during the eating and reviewing action. But I can tell you that the food was all enjoyed.

Menu included:

Santa Fe Creamy Enchilada Soup
Creamy Bacon Fettuccine
Sausage and Veggie Calzones

and for dessert
Mini Lemon Cupcakes topped with Lemon Creme Frosting
Chocolate Shooters

For the cupcakes, if you substitute the original cooking cream for cream cheese, it actually has a better consistency (at least I think)! Plus the flavor isn't as strong, so the frosting has a more subtle sweet flavor. Excellent! I had enough of these minis to last us all night!

Thank you to Scott for being willing (SLASH ecstatic) to eat yet one more calzone. I'm pretty sure, from all the comments that the calzones were a party favorite! This is great news for me, because as I was making them I kept thinking that Scott would love the combination of sausage and garlic creme sauce, PLUS I'm pretty sure these would be easy to make and freeze for lunches or lazy nights!

The boys loved the fettuccine! FYI, not the best left overs. The creme gets absorbed into the noodles when refrigerated. But the fettuccine I thought had the best cooking creme flavor - Italian Herbs and Cheese! Yeah, it was nummy!

And of course, no Chandler party is over without games!

Thank you to the Kartchners and Danielsons for making this a real party! If you were in Sacramento, but couldn't make it to our HouseParty, we missed you! But don't worry, there are still swag packets left over! Come by to pick one up and give Martie sympathy!