19 January 2011

Med School Update: Second Acceptance

On Friday we had to make our second deposit to RVU to maintain our spot in their Class of 2015. I asked Scott at that point if he was planning on calling all the other schools to check on his interview and wait list status. He decided not to saying, "It wont change the fact that a second payment is due."

Well of course, last night we received a letter from Western University - Lebanon, OR campus (postmarked Jan 10) letting Scott know that a spot has opened up in their Class of 2015! Yay for Scott! I knew he had done well in his interview. Now he'll need to decide if Western University stands out more, at least two large down payments more that the only other competitor so far.

Still NO idea where we'll be next year! So much to think about, especially since my next semester of classes is now underway. But one thing is clearer, always listen to Katie because she is very, very smart, especially in the ways of interviewing, networking, and making large deposits! :)