21 January 2011

Everyone Loves P90X

Even the kiddos!

Scott has started the P90X plan, as if he needs to get any more fit! He already spends at least two nights (or a morning and night, or even three nights and a morning) playing basketball at the church gym. On top of that he sometimes goes out on a run through the neighborhood. Yeah... it's difficult to keep up with him, so I don't try too hard.

Actually, because P90X has a Yoga segment every Thursday, I've been inspired to start my own home yoga work outs. Again the great benefits of DVR! With Scott doing P90X, Martie at Bikram, and my example of home yoga mini sessions, everyone wants to get in on the action.

Yesterday we were watching the Kartchner boys (nephews) after school, and they LOVE to help Scott exercise. They will pick up his weights and try to lift a 5 pounder over their heads, and yesterday they even tried yoga!

Don't you love how all the boys except Scott took off their shirts. So silly! They thought they were as impressive as the dreadlocks guy on the P90X videos. They were actually good for first timers!

Check 'em out!

P90X Yoga... for Kids too!

The video's a tad long, so you don't have to watch too much to get an idea for how everyone excels at P90X yoga. I'm surprised Scott was so patient with them to take up all his floor space! But maybe not as surprised that all three boys stuck it out a whole hour of the 90 minute yoga session. Kaden said he really liked it! Sterling said it will help him have Spiderman-like moves!