17 January 2011

Celebrity Crush

We went to Visalia this weekend to visit Steve, Sara, Addyson, and Ella. We had so much fun playing games with them, drinking freshly squeezed orange juice from the Chandler/Radmacher orange trees, and trying to distract Sara from writing her church talk. Everyone loved (to make fun of) Scott's new fake glasses, and the girls decided to try them on. Ella looked particularly good in them!

On Sunday we went to church to watch Sara give a great talk about the Holy Ghost. She was the concluding speaker, which can be really intimidating! But she did an excellent job! (It's true Sara! Just accept the many compliments.) Then after church we ate BEAUTIFUL sticky buns and played The Newly Wed Game. Steve and Sara have this board game with questions to ask the spouses to see if they can match answers, like the old TV show. Well let's just say that Scott and I lost to the veteran married peoples. Scott was not even familiar with my celebrity crush... Chad Michael Murray.

Oh, you know Chad! He was on Gilmore Girls in the early seasons when Rory went to the prep school. Then when I lived in Avonlea Apartments at BYU-Idaho I had a movie poster of Chad hanging in the living room from Cinderella Story with Hillary Duff. Most recently I saw him in a Christmas ABC Family movie on TV, which was really not worth watching except to see Chad in hospital scrubs as a post-medical school resident. Oh Yeah!

When I announced my celebrity crush in the Newly Wed round of questions, NO ONE knew who I was talking about. Sad, right?! So while I went to the loo, the Chandlers looked up Mr. Murray on Google images. They decided that I had, in fact, married the best Chad Michael Murray look alike. Peach fuzz, messy hair, and the great arm muscles of Scott match perfectly, or so they said! So they put together this little demonstration for me!

We couldn't stop laughing! What do you think? Did I marry a Chad Michael Murray look alike?

Thanks Steve and Sara for yet another AWESOME trip to your Garden of Eden!