08 January 2011

Cavanaugh New Years Bash - Part 3

We had a pretty adventurous time in LA during our Cavanaugh New Year's Bash. Scott and I began a quest to find a good pair of clear Brad Pitt glasses. Scott is a connoisseur of many things, including ties, cuff links, shoes, and glasses. We never did find Brad Pitt glasses, in fact, we were told they no longer exist. But along the way we visited Fossil outside of Universal Studios...

and The Grove in North Hollywood...

Where Scott found this pair!

And bought this pair!

(Which I plan to use as part of Scott's future Where's Waldo costume, but Scott has integrated them into his daily wardrobe.)

Visiting The Grove was actually part of another diabolical scheme. See my older brother, Matt, is working in post-production sound for movies. In fact, most of the time that we were in Burbank he was busy editing out the squeaks and static of a new church movie that is coming out.We loved sitting on the couch in their living room watching him work his magic.

Well, Matt had another project that he was working on - an Indie short about a rooftop party - and he requested Scott and my help to make it work. He said that he needed to go out and get "young, hip, Twenty-something" chatter outdoors to add as background noise to the rooftop scene. He also needed to grab some traffic noises while we were out on the town. So Matt asked us to dress up like "hip, twenty-somethings" (let's just be honest, my outfit still needs some help from a seasoned clubber) and walk around the No Ho district searching for sounds.

We hit up The Grove first, but were dissapointed by the loudness of the music projected in the shopping area where there were plenty of chattering young adults walking around. We might have gotten some material for him to use, but mostly Scott just found these "sun" glasses. He loves them! He wears them everywhere, all the time!

We all drove to a cooler spot in town - Santa Monica Blvd. Matt and I sat on a bench there, outside a gas station, while we silently picked up traffic noises. Scott and I smiled at each other whenever a Ferrari would rev it's engine or there would be angry honking for slowness, because we knew those sounds would be perfect for distant traffic noises!

Then, someone had the idea that we should just walk around and see if we could find a good gathering of people to stealthily record. We, in our clubbing type outfits, ended up in front of a hard rock concert with Emo looking attendees. When the concert doors were shut we could get just enough chatter that it might work for a roof top party background. Of course, I imagine that ALL of them were looking at us like, "Where did these four whities come from?" We really did look odd! We just walked up, stood off to the side in a circle trying to capture the chatter without being obvious, and then five minutes later walked away. We weren't talking, weren't going to the concert, weren't interacting with those waiting outside the concert. Yeah, awkward! But I think we got the sounds we needed.

We ended the trip with a scrumptious breakfast from the iconic, Bob's Big Boy cafe, and possibly Scott's only pose for a picture... ever!

Thanks, Cavanaughs, for the fun times! Sorry I didn't delete the picture Matt. I liked it.