03 December 2010

The Future Dr. Chandler

Sorry, at the moment I don't have any new medical school updates. I just had to share a funny thought.

I was watching TV the other day... actually, Scott was watching TV the other day and left during commercials. I saw this commercial and immediately realized this was the exact image of the future Dr. Scott Chandler:

For those of you who know my husband, tell me you don't see the future?! Scott is always texting or emailing on his phone. He's VERY connected to family and friends! Not to mention his fantasy team. That video IS his future... maybe even the hair line.

Before Thanksgiving we were helping my sister-in-law move into her new house and our friends, The Danielsons, were there too. I was talking to Stefani about what our future would be like, because her husband just finished his residency and is now a full-time radiologist. She said, "Do you realize what you're getting yourself into?" Her husband didn't have the days around Thanksgiving off. In fact, he was lucky to have Thanksgiving Day free! He is often working late too, to get his work done (and after hours pay). They are a fun family! I have MUCH to learn from Stefani about my future life as a medical school student and future doctor's wife!