07 December 2010

Social Clout

Lately my work life revolves around Facebook and email marketing. I follow a lot of local businesses to share the love, and scan through customer email addresses to start campaigns in January. It's pretty fun, though I think some friends are surprised at this sudden burst of social activity from me.

This month we are doing a Facebook promotion for Auto Insurance quotes where you can be entered in a drawing to win Sacramento Kings vs. Portland Trail Blazers tickets. (Know anyone in Cali who needs insurance and NBA tickets?) So I'm reading the Kings Fan Page and see this video/event they did with Klout.

Klout is a company that tracks social influencers, individuals who Tweet and Facebook with many responses. They do this through an algorithim of posts, clicks, responses, and weights... Well Klout invited key social influencers to a Kings game to be wined, dined, and enjoy floor seats. Of course that was all in exchange for some fantastic tweetage.

I was curious of course so I went to visit their site. You can register with Klout to see your social influence score (1-100) if you enter your Twitter handle. Glad I don't have a Twitter account, because curiosity would have killed this cat. I'm already spending way too much time on Facebook! I definitely don't need the pressure of working to be a social influencer. Have you ever met a premium social influencer? I wonder if they get to enjoy real life outside the cyber world.

This picture from Klout's blog, where all the influencers are watching the game with their cell phones, REALLY makes me wonder!