13 December 2010

Oregon Interview Road Trip

This last week we drove up to Oregon for Scott's second medical school interview. We drove up a couple days before to enjoy some family time in Portland and then drove down on Saturday for Scott's interview to Lebanon (not pronounced like the country, apparently) where the new Western University campus will be. I will be writing a couple of posts about this to give you all the fun details.

I just wanted to share a few of my favorite tidbits of joy from the road trip up to Portland.

First of all, Martie (my MIL) came on the trip with us because she stayed with her parents in Portland for a few days and will fly back this week to Sacramento to welcome family for Christmas. So we enjoyed her company on the trip, which meant mostly sharing fun facts from Better Homes and Gardens and the sounds of her sleeping. But Martie was also starving the whole way to Portland on account of how Scott likes to drive - stopping only for gas and a stretch. We usually bring our own treats. That wouldn't do for Martie though. In fact we discovered that there are two traditions that Martie loves about road trips and that is stopping at McDonalds for a McGriddle Breakfast and Dairy Queen.

Well, Scott didn't want to stop for McDonalds of course and teased his mom for a good 20 - 40 miles saying he wouldn't stop so early on the trip. So Martie started reading, and right about the point she had forgotten all about breakfast, Scott stopped for gas and a McDonalds breakfast. At which point Martie said, "Greater love hath no son, than to pull over to McDonalds for a McGriddle breakfast!" Gotta love road trips with Martie.

I also listened to SEVERAL versions of the 12 Days of Christmas on Sirius Xm Holly channel, including some pretty bad ones. Don't even get me started on Destiny's Child. My favorite however was this version by Straight No Chaser!

I had never heard this before but it is AWESOME. I tried to also find the Muppets version I heard, but I really don't remember John Denver being in the version I heard and that's all I can find on YouTube.

One other favorite moment was driving along I-5 in beautiful weather (up until Corvalis) and seeing the beautiful green fields filled with sheep. When we started to see more and more green pastures full of sheep Scott said,

"If Oregon were an octagon on the Settlers of Catan board, it would definitely have the sheep resource."

Can you tell we're gamers? Mostly Scott. It's true.