14 December 2010

Dairy Heaven

On the way up to Portland Scott asked me what I thought I might want to do with our one day with family. There aren't many things I love more than a good day relaxing and playing games with family. But there was one thing that I've always wanted to do in Oregon that I hadn't up until this trip, and that was visit the Tillamook factory!!! That's right, THREE exclamation points! I went there, and it was AMAZING!

I am a die-hard Tillamook fan. I love the sharpness of their cheddar! They used to make a fantastic coffee ice cream that was like vanilla with a good hint of coffee, but then discontinued the flavor. Have I already confessed that I am a coffee ice cream connoisseur? The truth is out there. Usually the stuff with real coffee in it is too strong for my tastes, but I sure do love that hint. Maplenut may be the only ice cream I would put in the same category of greatness. Anyway, I love Tillamook and have always heard that the factory was fun to visit. But Scott said it was out of the way and we would most likely spend the day in Lake Oswego with family.

Well, come to find out when we arrive in Portland, Grandma and Grandpa have big plans for us to visit Seaside and Tillmook on our day of visit! You can image how excited I was... or maybe you can't. Let's just say that when we pulled up to the factory I could hardly containing the bouncing feeling inside myself. Scott can attest that I may have started applauding.

The evidence really speaks for itself:

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches from the Tillamook Cafe and Tillamook ice cream. The only thing that could POSSIBLY be better in Foodland is this. Been there, would definitely go again! With this post, I feel I must also take a large step out of denial to say that my life really does revolve around food.