23 December 2010

Day of Christmas Craft Reckoning

The day finally arrived that the Chandler women would craft the morning through. The night before I had been talking with my mom about how excited I was to craft, and she asked me if I tested my craft yet. I had decided on the tile coasters that I found before on the Curbly blog and had watched the video on the blog where i found instructions. But I decided it would be best to test the craft out before I try to teach five other women to make it. It wasn't difficult, really, but I'm glad I tested it because I learned a lot about what works and what doesn't by doing my set first.

So yesterday morning I brought all of my craft ingredients to make the tile coasters. Though we had a few delays in getting started, and I had to leave in the middle, I feel like the day was still a success! After a full day of the ladies crafting I get to take home beautiful tissue paper candles, an ornament, and had some help making a fun fabric tree and some present tags!

Tips for making the napkin coasters:

Watch the video on the Curbly blog
Choose which part of the napkin design you want on your tile before you paint ModPodge on the tile. The napkin is difficult to move and makes more wrinkles when you try to adjust.
Let the ModPodge completely dry before pinching off the napkin (we liked having the napkin torn on the edges for a painted look, so remember to pull down)
Apply two coats of clear coat polyurethane to cover the tile
When the two coats completely dry, apply one more coat to seal the deal
AND the polyurethane doesn't smell pretty, so you may want to apply it on a good weather day where you can leave the tiles outdoors.

I got napkins at Target ($2/pack for fancy pattern), tiles (16 cents/per) and polyurethane ($6) at Lowes, and  ModPodge at Joanns ($2 with % off coupon). You'll also need paint brushes you don't want to use again. I may also get some felt circles for the bottom of the coasters.

Simple, inexpensive gift for Christmas, wedding, birthday, etc.

Thanks Chandler ladies for a fun day of girly togetherness!