27 October 2010

Moving and Marketing

It's about time right? I bet some of you were wondering if I got lost in the move. In a way I did! I've realized after this move that I hate moving! I know I'm not alone on that one. If I have to open or pack another box in the next six months I may just burst into tears. Moving is emotional!

So I took a little while to get situated here in Sacramento [read: to watch Scott organize our new abode]. We're still getting things organized, as a new shipment of our things just came into town. *A hearty sarcastic Yay! Luckily it is the last of our things, and I have decided that all boxes will be in permanent storage until the day that we go to medical school. I have yet to set up my beautiful computer... though Scott is working on my new desk as I type/You read. Soon I'll have a beautiful throne for my magnanimous Mac. Subsequently, though, I am behind on blog posts and school work. We're getting there!

There's so much to blog about too! Scott had his 25th birthday last week, we have med school updates, and new creative endeavors! Pictures included... when my mac is up and running.

But for now I thought I would share marketing tidbit so you know I'm still alive. Last week in my MBA Marketing class we had a discussion about our favorite advertisements and why we thought they were so effective. Of course, Coke, Dos Equis, Mac, Gap, and other favorites were brought up. I had to put in one of my favorites - Old Spice's The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. Love IT and BYU's copy. I was curious in this discussion how these ads affect sales, especially when humor is involved? Sometimes it seems like the humor is the main point (like beer commercials) and consumers forget all about the product. One of my classmates linked to this article for the answer - The Man Your Man Could Smell Like vs. The Most Interesting Man in the World.

Even better though, another classmate linked to a Sesame Street copy of the advertisement to teach kiddos about the word "on". Haha!