15 October 2010

In the Midst of Boxes

Boxes and empty walls.

After much deliberation and searching, Scott and I decided that it was time for us to move to Sacramento. We tried hard to stay in Utah where we have amazing friends and cousins nearby, fun church callings, and snow. Nix that last one. We are just not the type to stay for snow! We've decided that we are more the type to move where the weather is pleasant all year round when the going gets tough.

So while Scott is putting in his last hours at the physical therapy clinic in Lehi, I am trying to pack up our house. One shipment of things is now on its way to Sacramento to be in storage for months. This coming Wednesday is the official day we turn in our keys and make the long drive to our next home. Thank you to my in-laws who are so gracious to allow us to live with them temporarily!

For now, though, so much of our apartment is itching to get in a box. The kitchen is relatively unpacked, furniture, do-dads, food that will most likely not get eaten by Wednesday, and a big pile that will eventually find itself at the DI. Here's what I'm thinking - Moving Party! Bestest of friends nearby, come visit our place and if you pack a box you can have free range of the pile of things to stay in Utah, including, but not limited to... a Rainbow Chip Cake Mix and matching Icing!

Sorry, Christie! You snooze, you lose!