29 October 2010

25 in Sacramento

This October 22 was Scott's 25th birthday! We had arrived only two days before that with a car full of clothes and toilletries to Sacramento where we will be living with my in-laws for the next few months as we await our med school fate. We walked in the Chandler house and found this scene:

Martie sure knows how to decorate her house for the holidays! You don't even want to know how many boxes of Christmas goodies we had to move around the garage to free up storage space for our stuff. Pretty sure she thinks we are going to help her take down and put up decorations, and rumor has it that it takes DAYS!

Scott's birthday present this year from me was, no surprise, a trip to Costa Rica (the one that we took in September). That's actually our birthday presents to each other this year. It's not as much fun to say that now that the trip is over, but it was well worth it! For Scott's birthday, we went out to Texas Roadhouse with his family. It's one of Scott's most favorite restaurants! I asked him why just now, and he says he doesn't know, but he's pondered the question many a time. The waitress there had to sing Happy Birthday at least a dozen times Friday night, so by the time she got to our table, she skipped the singing and blaring of the dim table light on the birthday celebrator, and instead just dropped off this bowl of ice cream with six spoons.

I think Scott looks like quite the gentleman with that sweater/collar shirt combo. You should see it with a red tie! Rawrr! After dinner we went to the movies to see RED, a new movie with Bruce Willis. It was pretty good, and surprisingly funny for the topic. Had the comedic lines been removed and had the music been a smidge on the threatening side, then the producers might have called it Die Hard 17. All in all though, I liked it.

Later on that weekend, I also made Scott his two favorite desserts - Aroz con Leche (learned in Costa Rica and is so rich and nummy) and Kneaders Raspberry Bread pudding! Thanks, Heidi, for the recipe! It was as good as it looks!