08 October 2010

Adjusting to Limbo

Well we have been back for almost a week and have taken the opportunity to get used to the states. Of course, it helped that on our first evening back, Scott's cousin Josh and his wife Chelsea came to pick us up at the airport and when we arrived at their house they had a lasagna for us to bring home and a gallon of milk! What awesome cousins! Scott and I both made a note that we need to be more thoughtful like that when picking up family or friends from the airport.

Costa Rica was such an amazing experience, and it gave us the opportunity to do service to add to Scott's application while avoiding life for a couple weeks. But now that we are back, decisions are inevitable. I am no longer working at BYU and Scott has graduated and is looking for a job. His application to medical school is on hold as we wait a few more days for his MCAT score to arrive. At that point we will update schools and hopefully receive interview offers. In the mean time, we need two "I"s - Income and Insurance.

Surprisingly, I have been pretty laid back with choices, especially compared to my Limbo of '06. That's probably because I feel like this is more Scott's limbo and his opportunity to react and understand. We have applied to jobs (mostly Scott, however I did apply to a temporary hospital job with the hopes that it would buy us some time and provide the two "i"s) and are waiting for a response. Scott has decided that if we do not hear any positive news from Utah by next week, then we will be moving to Sacramento where good things already await us.

I am glad that, though we missed General Conference because of travel, that the videos of talks are now online. I watched a few today, including this one. Don't you just love the renewal that comes from conference?! It makes limbo seem calm and purposeful.