13 August 2010

Medical School Apps Take 2 - Secondaries

This being the second (and hopefully last) time that Scott applies to medical school, we are pretty familiar with how this beginning part of the process goes. Scott submitted his primary application, this time only to Osteopathic Medical programs across the nation. There is a short wait, and then applicants hear from schools as to whether or not they meet the minimum qualifications and can submit secondary applications for further consideration.

As of August 6, Scott has heard back from six of the eight Osteopathic schools we applied to, and all of them would like him to submit secondaries! This is very exciting, compared to last year's sparse response.

Scott is writing up many essays this week and submitting with the hopes that we will move onto round three of the medical school application process.

Here's hoping for an early email/call inviting us to an interview!

In the meantime, Scott and I are officially finished at BYU! We are off on vacation to Prineville, OR and Sacramento. Time to take a break!