04 August 2009

Our First Rejection

The application process to medical school is quite taxing. There are three phases: Preliminary documents and fee, secondary documents and fee, and self-paid interviews on-site. This process is especially difficult to endure for the wife of an aspiring medical student, as I have to wait until the last phase in order to even research decisions about what my life will be like in the future location.

Scott is applying to 15 different medical schools and 6 osteopathic schools around the United States (medical school logos above, osteopathic schools below). We've completed the preliminary document phase for all of the schools, and most of them have written back to Scott asking for the secondary documents and fee.

Yesterday we received our first rejection email and... we laughed. After considering only our preliminary documents, Hawaii has decided that we are not worthy to vacation at their school. I must admit that I was slightly dissapointed that I wouldn't be spending a four-year round drenched in sun and pineapple.. ooh and macadamian nuts. Sad! So we've X'd that off our list, and we wait in anticipation to hear about the secondary documents Scott has prepared.