11 August 2010

Graduation BBQ

This last Saturday we had an opportunity to use the beautiful backyard space at our apartment. The Pickerings (our landlords) have taken years to cultivate this space with covered areas and new plants and flowers each year. It is exactly the kind of backyard room that I would like to have some day and it was perfect for a BBQ.
Nothing too formal. We really just wanted an excuse to have a party in the backyard, and the fact that Scott is graduating this week was excuse enough to celebrate. That's right, he's finally there! He will receive his degree from BYU in Exercise Science. What he will do with that degree (besides hopefully get into medical school), we have yet to discover.

Nonetheless, we invited over family and friends to have massive hamburgers and normal size hotdogs and play Battle of the Sexes. Of course, the game was Scott's idea.

It was a blast! Now someone needs to come to my house to eat all the leftover salad. Apparently we invited purely carnivores to this BBQ.