19 August 2010

Elk Grove - The Place to Meet Your Twin

Scott and I are sitting at his dad's Allstate office. He has his feet up on the chair, watching me work through Big Curt's customer files. Since Curtis' accident in May, he has had little time in the office to bring home the bacon. We know how much I love bacon, so Scott and I decided that part of our vacation in Sacramento would be helping Big Curt with marketing and sales.

This morning Scott went out door-to-door for Renter's Insurance. In the mean time I've been plowing through customer files trying to put together a PR letter for Curt to send out about his accident. When Scott returned he plopped down in front of me and we preceded to have this conversation.

Me: What are the odds that a husband and wife would have the same name and same spelling? (An anomaly I found in the customer files)
Scott: Well what is the name?
Me: Ranjit.
Scott: You never know. It could happen.
Me: Well I guess, like Jordan and Jordan could marry or Erin and Aaron. But Ranjit and Ranjit? I'm thinkin' that might just be someone filling out their insurance form incorrectly.
Scott: With SIX billion people in the world, it's totally possible for two Ranjits to find each other! They might be Indian. In Indian cultures, the wife adopts the husbands name.
Me: Uh, I don't think so.
Scott: Sure they do. Hey!We should start a business where we work together and sit across from each other and throw out ideas like this.
Me: That wouldn't make any money, but it would make for a funny blog.

And this is Scott trying to make up for not ever taking pictures of me... by taking a frumpy office picture of our conversation. It's been an interesting day. Yay for vacation!