18 August 2010

Graduation Trip to Prineville Reservoir

On vacation and loving it! Thursday was graduation day and my last day of work for BYU. Since graduation was in the afternoon, BYU has all of their employees leave work at 2:00 Pm to allow graduation visitors to park on campus. So my freedom began at 2:00 Pm when we started the long drive to Prineville, Oregon where Scott's extended family gets together every year for a lake party reunion. We had so much fun, got some sun, and ate so much food! Scott is pretty exhausted after trying several times, unsuccessfully (dang!) to get up on the wake board. He was a pro water skier at the end of the weekend, though, which is quite the feat considering he had never tried before.
Scott also became a pro with the tweezers. Knowing that Scott was applying to medical school, all the little cousins would set up a clinic for him at the end of the day with some tweezers to get out their splinters. It was adorable!

I made the most of our weekend lake vacation by being lazy with my book on the shore and being behind the camera. Sorry, no pictures of me lately. However, I was convinced to go on the boat once to watch the skiing and didn't even get burned! Thank heavens for copious amounts of sunscreen.

Our view home from Prineville didn't get much more exciting that watching the back of the Chandler Honda. However, we did get a great view of Mount Shasta driving through northern California. Probably my favorite part of the drive were the hilarious billboards. One, just outside of Bend, Oregon had a Twilightesque cover picture that said, "You're not immortal. Buckle Up!" Another, just before we reached the border city of Weed, California advertised the I [Heart] Weed California Shop in 2.2 miles. Goodness GRACIOUS!

Now we are in Sacramento enjoying a couple weeks with Scott's parents. If you don't hear from me, know that we are having a fantastic time, getting some work done for Scott's dad, and eating some BEAUTIFUL food!