22 July 2010

Word of the Day: Catalpa

Remember when I asked if anyone knew what this tree was called?

Wow! I can't believe I just blogged about that at the end of June. Summer is really flying by!

Well, yesterday the Springville Museum of Art had a Member Day event with speakers and snacks. One of the speakers was a Master Gardener who volunteers to train the museum's scuplture garden. SO gorgeous! I need to find a good picture to show you. Well, thank you Facebook for having so many pictures of SMA, including this one of the garden.

Ok, so the Master Gardener woman (P.S. totally want to be one of those when I grow up) talked about the various grasses and shade plants. She shared stories about the espalier apple trees growing along the walls. And when she was done her with presentation she asked for any questions. My hand shot up. "What are those cute little trees in the front called with the gigantic leaves?" She thought for a bit... "Oh! You mean the Keebler trees?" My initial thought was, that can't possibly be the name! Though it's exactly what I picture when I see them. "They're called Catalpa trees," she said.

She talked about how these particular Catalpa trees in the front of SMA had a major pruning session this winter. I guess it's supposed to happen every year to keep it down to it's cutesy size, but this year was the first in a long time and it was so drastic that everyone was shocked. But today it's a gigantic puff of large leaves, so it couldn't have been all that bad.

So there you have it, folks! My future Master Garden will feature a Catalpa. You're welcome to visit it, when I'm that accomplished. Thank heavens for Master Gardner knowledge!