20 July 2010

All The Single Ladies

Well, all the lady readers any way. Married or Single. This post isn't really for men.

So I've told you before that I am a part of this marketing thing called BzzAgent. They send me free things to try or coupons for discounted new products and I tell my friends what I think about it. The company exists to create word of mouth marketing, which is priceless in the marketing world. But positive word of mouth is difficult to obtain organically. You almost just have to hope that your product will be caught on by cool people and then spread like wild fire. So BzzAgent tries to reproduce, except they take the good and the bad word of mouth marketing because it has to be real and organic.

Well BzzAgent sent me a bra. Yes, this is where the men really stop reading. Barely There Comfort bra Custom Flex Fit. They advertise as having smart sizes that shape to fit you. Their special sizing chart shows you which size to buy based on personal band and cup. Me? ... Well lets just say that the bra Barely There sent me to try fits pretty well but a size smaller wouldn't have been bad either. There size chart isn't off, I just overestimated my assets.

So I just got my package today, and when I opened it up there were coupons inside for you. Buy one bra, and they will send you another one free and a T-Shirt. Don't ask me what the t-shirt looks like. I have no idea. Didn't get one of those. THEN I look at the expiration date for the offer - July 22, 2010. Uh, yeah. Thursday! Why didn't they send me the package earlier?

So if you happen to buy a Barely There bra in the next two days at any store where sold, let me know and I will send you a card. You can mail in the card by August 5 for the freebies. I myself have a Kohls gift card, that I might just need to use to get another Barely There. This time I'm thinking Cottony Wirefree.