20 July 2010

Social Media Addictions

"Is that a farm?" The other day, I noticed that one of the student employees in my office had a cartoon up on her computer screen. "Actually," she clarified, "It's the frontier." It reminded me a lot of those tamagotchi key chains I got for Christmas once when I was a kid. She explained that she got hooked after a friend recommended she start on Facebook. She'll keep it open all day and every once and awhile in the breaks from work tasks she'll work on "the neighbors farm" or "feed the animals." Her current goal in the game is to get married. Haha!

While she was explaining this concept of second life type games on Facebook, this employee pointed out another student in our office who is part of the Mafia Wars on the social site. He said he isn't very active on the mafia, but plays the game when he gets bored on Facebook.

I had no idea these games even existed! It's no wonder people are spending exponential amounts of time on Facebook. You have to feed your tamagotchi and make sure it doesn't get thrown in the river. Here I am barely even updating my page, while everyone else is using their social networks to get further along in the Frontier.

Any other games I should try to avoid?