28 June 2010

Application Update

Knowing that we were not going anywhere for school in the next year, Scott and I briefly discussed what our Utah plans might be. Then we received a surprise – Scott’s advisor who approved his December graduation, retired. The advisors in her place informed Scott that he would no longer be able to take classes in the Fall and would have to graduate in August.

Good news and bad news: Good News - Scott’s graduating! He’s done so well in the last few semesters. He’s raised his GPA significantly, which will improve his med school application as far as academics go. To celebrate this I designed graduation announcement to send out to family and friends. Check me out! I’m a wanna-be designer! Just need to find a printer.

Bad news was this new proclamation threw off our plans. We could move, if we wanted, for a year. Scott could work full-time. There were a lot of new options that were very different from our previous plan. The loss of the Fall class option introduced some new challenges as well that would need to be surmounted, like health insurance and how to keep improving Scott’s application. Scott and I sat down to make plans and discuss pros and cons.

We decided that the option that had the best net benefits was for Scott to work full-time after graduation in August. He will be submitting applications this Summer and Fall to osteopathic medical programs and physical therapy schools. We visited the University of Utah a couple weeks ago for their Physical Therapy program information session. Scott left feeling like physical therapy is his ideal career. This weekend we are going to visit Colorado (any suggestions for July 4 activities in Denver area?) to learn more about an osteopathic medical school that is on the top of Scott’s list.

As part of our new plan, I will work part-time. PLUS, I have officially applied to the University of Massachusetts part-time online MBA program. *insert squiggly smile face*I have to admit that I’m pretty nervous. While I think my application is pretty strong, I’ve applied to programs before, felt like I’d found my next big personal discovery, and didn’t get in. Of course, looking back I know that I needed to be other places, like Provo to meet my husband, and had more introspection to accomplish. Now I feel like I have a better idea of where I want to focus my talents, and again I feel really good about the opportunity of completing an MBA program from anywhere that Scott and I may travel. My plan is to follow up the MBA degree with a certificate in non-profit management and then use my business skills in the non-profit world. If I’m not accepted to this program, then I will keep challenging myself and taking classes to figure out where it is that I need to focus my efforts.

More importantly my last day at BYU is in August, after which I will hopefully be taking a vacation with my schnookims to relax into this new arrangement.

That’s the plan… subject to change when the next twist comes, and there will most likely be more.