17 June 2010

It's Official - Scott is Not Underprivileged

Scott got an email today from UCD today with a notice that we will not be going to California this summer for their Post Bac Program. As hard as he tried to appear "educationally and/or socio-economically disadvantaged" as they required, I guess they could see that we really are very very white. Neither of us have ever really felt disadvanted, but Scott wrote some great essays and brought up a lot of memories that were convincing at least to me.

So where do we go from here? Scott has received approval from his BYU advisor to take classes to raise his GPA, even though he could official graduate any time now, having finished his program requirements. He just finished a tough schedule of Spring term classes, and is preparing for a Summer term of two more and studying for the MCAT. We will probably visit some school campuses this summer to check out our options and make an impression with admissions staff. Then starting almost immediately, Scott is reapplying to Osteopathic programs and some Physical Therapy schools as well. We know that Heavenly Father has great plans in store for us, we just need to catch on.

As for me... Well, I will continue working at BYU until August. At which point, I will be a free agent as Scott would say. I'm looking forward to a little break (maybe some Prineville action?) There may be a masters program in the near future, but I know for sure I'll need to provide some sort of income.

But I can't really talk about opportunities for August that don't even exist yet!For now I'm just enjoying the present.

Great job, schnookims on your awesome finals scores! You're are the smartiest pants husband I know.

This is Scott at Einstien Bagels when we used a coupon to try out their Turkey Bacon Avacado Thin Sandwich. Don't be deceived... it's not turkey and bacon (dang it), it's Turkey-Bacon. Can you tell that Scott is saying, "Really? A picture for your blog? Can't I just eat my bagel in peace?"