30 June 2010

Family - Isn't It About Time?

This last weekend was fantastic! On Thursday evening, we were able to drive down to Manti with Kyle and Bridgett to see the Manti Temple pageant. The Manti Temple was gorgeous all lit up! And in the middle of the pageant a man dressed like the angel Moroni stood on top of the west tower with his white gown flowing in the wind. Incredible! I didn't get a picture of that, because it was way too dark by that point, but we did get a few pictures. Ignore Scott's weird facial hair and his nasty mop. He's already had a haircut (super short), and while I got him a shaver for Father's Day, Scott claims it makes his mustache grow faster. You'll be glad I didn't include a close up.

I love how there is a girl who's trying to get into our picture, and she looks so happy about it.

Kyle and Bridget are masters at taking pictures of themselves.

Then on Friday Christie, Steve, and Bree came to Provo for a reception and stayed the night at our place. That's right! It was COZY. Just kidding... well maybe for them. But I didn't notice tight spaces because I got the bed, and Bree slept like an angel.

On Saturday we went to Dairy Days at Thanksgiving Point, which Bree loved! Plus I got to shake a bag and ice cream came out. Mmmm cows milk!

After washing our hands thoroughly, we ate burgers at JCWs (which I will claim as my new favorite burger joint) while we watched USA lose to Ghana. Let's not talk about it...

I'm glad that Christie and Steve will live closer to us next year. Good thing we're still in Utah, right?