26 May 2010

The Most Casual of Bloggers

I never thought I would be saying this, but I am going to a blogging conference this weekend! Crazy, huh?! My good friend Jandee won a giveaway on Marta Writes blog for two free tickets to the Casual Bloggers Conference in SLC and asked if I would go with her.
I'm Going to the CBC!
I am way excited to go with Jandee, because we are both in the same stage of our blogging lives - the comfortable casual blogger phase. And for the most part that is where I plan to stay (every once in awhile I'm tempted to start a non-profit or do some quasi-serious designing)! It's nice to be able to attend this type of event and know that I can just be casual, ol' Alaskan, me.

Some of the CBC workshop topics seem REALLY interesting, while others seem more basic or way not what I'm going for in my blogging life. I was surprised too, to see speakers whose blogs I have run across before like Marta (of course) and April, who has a design blog that I've been wanting to learn the intricacies of for awhile. It should be very educational and a fun break from the slowness of a summer campus.

This is not the only exciting thing to happen this weekend! This will be a high energy, fun filled, back-to-back event packed Memorial Day weekend. My best friend's baby sis is getting married this weekend in Ogden, and then Maura's baby boy, Crew, is being blessed at church on Sunday. I'm so honored to be invited to both special occasions! Also, in-laws Steve and Sara are blessing their beautiful baby girl, Ella, in Cali this weekend. Scott will be driving out there tomorrow to be a part of the circle. And of course, we cannot forget, that our two year anniversary is May 31!

Yay for us! This picture totally reminds me of two things: 1) How one temple worker man was so excited to hand me my GORGEOUS bouquet, but the temple ladies kept coming up to me to tell me I couldn't have it yet in until I got outside. Something about allergies. That happened more than once! and 2) you can tell by our faces that we are So So Happy to be MaRrIeD, AND anxious to see if our extended family is capable of not yelling and clapping for us as we exit, since that is what the cute little door man told them to do.
Happy Anniversary, Schnookims!