21 May 2010

Experimental Tweeting

Last night I was kept up, lying in bed, just thinking. I tend to have a lot of thoughts circling around in my head in the evening. It usually helps if I write them down, because then I can move on from the idea. Otherwise I would keep bringing it up, because I feel like if I don’t, I won’t remember its importance. At night everything seems more important and life altering then it really is. I thought about friends, and how my husband is so funny, and how I never want to take my blog too seriously. I thought about the garden we are taking care of down the street and wondered if I should go visit it tomorrow. oh! My car needs gas… You get the point.

Then I wondered if Twitter would be helpful for this. But I really don’t like the idea of participating in twitter. I barely get on to update my Facebook, and I would much prefer writing out my thoughts in a blog. It’s not like I want to share my every minute thoughts with the world, or feel like they are especially publishable. Though my brain is pretty funny! Plus, Twitter takes up so much time and concentrated effort! But, as it is, during the summer months at BYU, I do have time to write out my thoughts, especially on an extra slow Friday.

So here are my experimental tweets for the day:

8:20 Am Into the office late… again. Pushing that snooze button can be addicting. Read Marta Writes, about her adventures in Cali
8:35 Am Contemplated taking the 411 Daily Universe newspaper into the bathroom with me, but decided that would look like I was planning on staying awhile. :)
9:03 Am Calling all techie peeps: Posted a job for LANDesk Software on BYU eRecruiting
9:45 Am I’ve been updating the BYU University Career Services website for Employers. Yesterday I went on a walk to take some pictures of campus, using not-so-random models along the way. Today I’m getting some pictures up like this one. Katie the Younger makes a good model! Still need 10 good pictures, and I’ve run out of staging ideas.

9:56 Am Going on an ice run. Is anyone else obsessed with Sonic ice? I’ve decided I need my future dream home to be equipped with refrigerator that dispenses Sonic ice. Too bad BYU doesn’t have it in the Cougar Eat.
10:04 Am Read my good friend Shawna’s blog about motherhood
10:11 Am So glad I have a hair appointment tomorrow with Chelsea. My do is in desperate need of some shape.
10:15 Am Time for Google News. Happy Birthday, Pac-Man!
10:18 Am Looked up How to Steal A Million with Aubrey Hepburn on imdb after reading about a Paris art heist that occurred Wednesday/Thursday.
10:23 Am Fishin’ in the Dark. The student in charge of keeping Pandora going at the front desk is on a country kick.
10:48 Am After a rousing discussion with student workers on brand protection for Apple, I sent my friend Jandee Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog link. Neil Patrick Harris was great on Glee this week!
11:03 Am Will we ever hear back from UCD’s Post-Bac program? I would love to start applying for jobs or grad schools, based on either location. I just need to know what city we’ll be living in next month! I guess no news is good news at this point, though.
11:37 Am Talking with career advisor Lisa in the hallway about her trip to Europe and how she’s so grateful to be using free public toilets again.
11:51 Am Definitely ready for lunch, but my diluted apple juice is getting low! Lunch today is burgers and fixings from home.
11:53 Am Remembering that Netflix sent us Fantastic Mr. Fox in the mail yesterday. Date night at home tonight! Now I just need to figure out what we’ll eat.
12:17 Pm Walked out to Scott’s car to find a parking ticket! Dang it. On the plus side I have 3011 steps already today. Maybe I’ll spend part of my slow work day at the Appeals Office.
12:31 Pm Read my friend Rubi’s blog post
12:40 Pm Pandora is silenced, as the student in charge of music is out to lunch. The office is WAY too quiet, though there is some entertainment in watching the custodial workers in the hallway imitate the Soulja Boy dance.
12:51 Pm The Springville Museum of Art sent a mass email to say that they need some help at the Art Ball this Saturday. I replied to volunteer, but as I’m sure many volunteers or interns are anxious to be a fly on the wall at the Art Ball without having to pay fundraising ticket prices. Many are emailed, but few are chosen.
12:59 Pm I’ve just decided two things 1) I’m going to walk over to the parking appeals office once Katie the Younger gets back from her lunch break and 2) this post is getting too long for anyone to want to read.

If you care to see the rest of my Friday’s experimental tweets let me know and maybe I’ll make an extra post. I’m definitely continuing the experiment at least until 5:00 Pm when I clock out. I have too much down time today NOT to write down all my random thoughts.

My conclusion - Tweeting is quite absorbing! If I always had this much time to be a part of Twitter, then I would need a new job or hobby. Also, with the way I write tweets I’m pretty sure no one wants to hear a play by play of my life. I wonder how this experiment will affect my thoughts before falling asleep. I’m starting to wonder if it won't just make them worse, seeing as I’ll be trying to think of more things to write down.