27 May 2010

Mysteries of Monsters Grove

Author Rick Walton specially created this interactive play for young audiences to be performed at BYU. The play premieres this week and tickets are only $6 tonight! If you are in the Provo area with children, or are just a child at heart, this seems like a great event. My inner child is very curious, and I would be there except a certain husband is going to be out of town SLASH would be hesitant to go to a child's play in the first place. This just brings back so many good memories watching Matt in youth theater or playing at children's museums when I was young!

Here's the synopsis:

"Amelia’s parents are accountants who work for classic monsters like Count Dracula. Things are great until the day her father mysteriously vanishes. Amelia sets out to solve the mystery of her father’s disappearance and solves a few other puzzles along the way. Beloved Utah author Rick Walton has created an interactive family production just for BYU that will require the audience to help solve the mystery by voting on the ending. Don’t miss this exciting world premiere! "