28 May 2010

3 o'clock Challenge

Around 3:00 PM my student coworkers have started mentioning things like, "We need to institute a state-wide siesta in the afternoons," or "Man it's only 2:30 PM! Ugh! How am I going to make it through today." They are not used to working forty hours a week. If they were, they like me, would be accustomed to this afternoon slump and would bring snacks or take a long walk to shake it off.

To help them lift their droopy eyes, I have institute the 3 0'clock CHALLENGE! (Still needs game show theme music) Yesterday, at 2:30 Pm (because one of the students needed to be in a meeting at three) we had our first 3 o'clock CHALLENGE – Can you beat Katie’s WPM. TypingTest.com is one of my favorite afternoon brain teasers, and it’s completely worthy of office time to be practicing and bulking up your WPM. Each of us had one practice round, and then we all got down to business with one minute of Top Sports Stories typing test.

The scores:

Katie – 80 WPM
Katie the Younger – 58 WPM
Sam – 81 WPM

Sam won by ONE word! His prize was to raid the recruiting swag drawer.

Katie the Younger is in charge of our 3 o’clock CHALLENGE today, which will actually be held at 11:00 AM because I’m going to the blogger conference. Katie has chosen the Africa geography test on Sporcle.com. Pretty sure I haven’t studied the countries in Africa since Mrs. Bekeris’ class in middle school, so this will definitely tease my brain.

UPDATE: We decided not to go with Sporcle, because it didn't require you to know where the countries are located. LAME! So we're doing Europe geography challenge here.