19 May 2010

HouseParty Advice

I have been so excited to let you know about all the fun parties available to host on HouseParty.com! I had such a great experience with our DiGiorno party and can't wait until I know for sure if Scott and I are going or staying for med school prep so I can apply for my next party. But I've heard from several of you that you were excited to host a party but when you applied you weren't accepted. This was dissapointing since I know that all of my friends who read my newsletter blog are MORE than worthy to host a party.

So I emailed the House Party folks to ask them if they had any advice for selecting and applying for parties. Their Director of PR responded with the following advice:

"We really don’t have specific advice for how to be selected because we pride ourselves on choosing hosts that fit the brand’s criteria. If they love a particular brand, use a particular brand, always have to have that brand in their home – they should apply for the event. If they love to entertain and entertain often – they should apply for the event. If they are active online (Facebook, etc.) – they should apply. And apply often!

We apologize to the people who haven’t been chosen as of yet but again, keep applying and they will eventually be accepted."

Who knows why I was chosen for a DiGiorno party?! I wasn't a huge DiGiorno eater before the party, but we do watch a lot of football at our house and we LOVE to have parties. Then, of course, I have a blog and a Facebook account. Each company that hosts a party on HouseParty.com is searching for a unique combination of attributes for their applicants. So their advice is keep applying and odds are you'll meet your party match. Summer parties accepting applications now include Oscar Meyer, Febreze, and Bulls Eye BBQ Sauce!

I really hope that there are house parties in your future, whether they are sponsored or not! I feel silly telling you all the fun we had and all the potential fun you could be having if there's an intense screening process in your way. Be sure to tell me if you're having a party this summer!