17 May 2010

Eavesdropping at BYU... not just me!

Mmm, k. Preface! I normally don't post so much in one day, but I've needed a blogging break. So I wrote and then changed the posting options to display at a later date. Little did I know that each time, no matter what my precautions, Blogger was going to ignore my posting options specifications and rather post today and now! I'm sure no one else is as disturbed by this as I am. It just feels very out of the ordinary for me to be posting three times in one day. I feel like I haven't given the respect my parents deserved in the original post of today....I really did have an amazing weekend with my parents!!! Oh well, here's my third post of the day!

My friend Jason recently suggested that I add "Overheard at BYU" to my Facebook news reel. I had never heard of it before, but have delighted in it's daily quips - that is, when I login to Facebook. Who knew that there were so many other eavesdroppers on campus?! Or that so many hysterical, culturally unexplainable quotes were occurring around the corner? I'm glad that at least Jason was aware!

Now I get to enjoy quotes like the following:

Overheard Quote 1
“At the CougarEat Taco Bell I told them my name was ‘Plastic Bag.’ When my order was ready the employee held out a bag and said, ‘Plastic Bag?’ I declined to answer.He said again, ‘Plastic bag?’”

Overheard Quote 2
Girl 1: I had that pregnancy nightmare again.
Girl 2: Which one, Benjamin Button or Antichrist baby?
Girl 1: The Antichrist baby.
Girl 2: Maybe you should stop eating skittles before bed.

Overheard Quote 3
Boy: "Yeah, so he's from Manasseh"
Girl" "Oh really? That's neat"
Boy: "Yeah. It's cool because half of his family is like, from Ephraim"

Overheard Quote 4
Professor In Greek and Roman Lit: I bet 90% of this class is single. You should go repent and make a sacrifice to Aphrodite. Great, someone is going to put that on overheard.

Oh BYU! You make me chuckle... and then want to eavesdrop some more so I can post something on Overheard.