26 May 2017

Slow Clapping for Goodness

Scott's usual choice: The Tyler (sometimes it's not the menu,
but luckily the staff always remembers the combo)
We are regulars at ModPizza here in Wisconsin. They draw you in with the concept of build your own artisan, brick oven pizza, but you stay for the marionberry lemonade. I mean, seriously, sometimes we go just because we crave the lemonade. It's THAT good! Every time we dine at this fine franchise, we order the exact same thing - not due to a lack of amazing choices. It's only that we discovered the perfect individualized combinations.

The last time we went to ModPizza, Scott took his first bite of pizza, and with a deep sigh said, "Do you think it would appropriate for us to clap for them on our way out?" He would have too, if when we finished eating in and left I hadn't forced him to hold our to-go cup of marionberry lemonade.

We've been slow clapping a lot around our house lately. On Instagram, I follow The Bucket List Family (if you haven't heard their story, here's a little background). Obviously I love travel, so scoping out the pictures of their luxurious adventures is a no-brainer. Also their story is fascinating - I don't think I would choose the same job/lifestyle, but there are days where I like to pretend that I could get paid to vacation. Hmm...

Anyway, The Bucket List Family has been partnering with Airbnb a lot lately, and when Airbnb hosted them at a dream home in Hawaii, the family mentioned that you can create a wishlist on Airbnb. Whaaaat?! So of course, I immediately went to create an account and add that Hawaii water slide party home to the list of places I'd love to visit someday (preferably with lots of friends who could split the bill).

Once I started digging into the site, I realized that Airbnb hosts not only offer homes or rooms to rent, but you can now find hosts for experiences in those places where you are traveling. I mean, who knew that we could have gotten a graffiti lesson while we were in NYC last fall? Or that one could walk through the Louvre with an art historian/stand-up comedian?! {Calling all Southeast Alaska peeps: You need to get some experiences populated! I couldn't find one in Sitka, Juneau, or Ketchikan!}

EVEN better, though... non-profits are encouraged to host social impact experiences where 100% of the profits from that experience go to the charity host. Let's all give a slow clap for Airbnb. Nicely done, Airbnb. Nicely. Done. 

And a slow clap to The Bucket List Family, for introducing me to this new internet rabbit hole of endless possibilities.