12 April 2017

Life Snapshot: April 12

Hale House Fish Fry Friday was delish!
Wisconsin Tidbits: Firstly, we tried out the Fish Fry at Hale House and really enjoyed it. Our favorite fish fry is still at St. Martin's Inn, but we declare Hale House to be foodie delicious and plan to visit again.

Secondly, every year, for only a few days (as long as cut flowers can survive), the Milwaukee Art Museum invites florists to create, using flowers, twigs, and other natural materials, a center piece under the inspiration of one work in the current exhibit. They call this show Art in Bloom, and I had the opportunity to go this year with a friend to check it out. If you haven't seen my Instagram photos, you should checkout the museum's website to see some of the judge favorites. I've never seen floral work like that before, and I could have enjoyed it for hours. Some people are so talented!

What I'm Reading: Freefall, I went to a formal wedding reception recently and was seated at the Mormon friends table. It was an excellent moment in introverted day my when I discovered that the ladies sitting next to me were readers (hey there, instant conversation!). When I asked what they would recommend, Freefall topped their list. Having now finished the book, I have second thoughts about the rest of their recommendations.

Part of My Spiritual Study: The April 2017 General Conference talks were just released on the LDS Library app, so I am tagging away. Also I'm reading scriptures in Mosiah as part of the Young Women Virtue Project from New Beginnings.
Church Calling: Young Women's President in my ward

On the Telly: A Man Called Ove (watched this movie yesterday with my book club, available on Amazon Prime)

Favorite Eats: Siggi's Yogurt - thick, not-too-sweet creamy, probiotic goodness is what it is.

Dr. Hubs: Dr. Chandler is in his final months of PGY2, which is a crazy thought! He is nervous about the responsibility to emcee the residency graduation in June, but ignoring those feelings for the most part because this month he has an elective rotation in Sports Medicine. He's eating all these athletic injuries and injections up, especially after PYT! (One too many acronyms?) 

My favorite moment from this last week: We watched a friends' pugs for a couple days, and it is hilarious to me how much Scott enjoys animals. He would walk in the door from work, and yell "Puppies!" Of course, the dogs would come running from wherever they were, and Scott would start wrestling and playing. After a couple minutes, Scott would try to force them to cuddle with him. The dogs were never quite on his cuddling schedule, but they did have their moments.

I have a very special, secret audio recording of Scott having a conversation with these pugs. If anyone wants to share with me the best way to post this voice memo from my iPhone, I will gladly let you all in on this hilarious animal lovin'. Or just text me to request a copy - guaranteed chuckling will ensue.