18 June 2014

Med School Update: Cardiology

This rotation fulfilled the schools IM3 requirement, which is the more specialized Internal Medicine rotation. I was very fortunate to have Scott back at home this rotation, as he rotated through the Cardiology outpatient unit in Corvallis.

While he rotated through the Cardiology unit, he saw a cardiac catheter procedure, treadmill stress tests,  nerve ablations, and pacemaker replacements. He said he heard heart murmurs on a daily basis. Typical cases that came through the unit included coronary artery disease, myocardial infarctions, heart failure, and arrhythmias.

Scott also was asked to prepare a presentation on the cardiac manifestations of infectious disease, which he presented to his preceptor and unit staff during the last few days of his rotation.

During this rotation, one of the cardiologists Scott was working with gave him a wonderful compliment. He told Scott that he would make a great cardiologist and encouraged him to pursue it as a specialty.

It is so nice to hear stories like that. Scott has worked very hard on all of his rotations to be informed about patient cases the evening before. He studies specialty topics during the evenings and prepares for his school quizzes. One of Scott's greatest strengths in becoming a doctor is his personable nature. He loves to get to know his preceptors and nurses and has good rapport with patients. This rotation had extra responsibility for Scott; in addition to his normal specialty preparations, Scott has also had to use this rotation to begin studying for his second board exams.

Next up: the final didactic week of year three and board exams!