16 June 2014

I am an MBA Grad

One class per term for two years, while working full time.
Two classes per term this last year, while working full time, to finish up the program.
Three classes that I could have done without. (just sayin')
One global operations case presentation and forty page paper.
One graduate oral exam administered by a faculty committee.
Sixteen graduate-level business classes completed...
One master's degree earned.

After a demanding four year process, I can now officially add the letters M, B, and A to my resume. I am extremely grateful that my family and my job supported me in getting my graduate degree. I was incredibly fortunate to come into this program with an outstanding undergraduate business background. The program at BYU-Idaho is graduate level worthy. So I consider these last four years as continuing education and formalizing the MBA mind I already had.

My parents and Scott's parents came up to celebrate with us. I elected not to participate in the four hour commencement ceremony held at Oregon State's Reser Stadium. However, we did attend the reception for all MBA graduates hosted by the Business Department during finals week (after my last final was over). The reception included an honor's society induction ceremony and presentation of graduates. I had a lovely cheering section to celebrate with me!

It still feels a bit surreal. I'm so used to busying myself in the evenings reading business textbooks and editing group papers that I'll likely wake up in a week from an awful group project nightmare. Maybe after that my brain will accept the fact that I have completed a graduate program.

To help me adjust, you can feel free to address me as Master from here on out.