24 April 2014

Moonlit Nights

I don't normally participate in Throwback Thursdays, but I was reminded of this embarrassing childhood throwback recently and figured I would finally admit to my cheesiness.

From age 5 to maybe 10, I would listen to this song on repeat before going to bed.

It was a cassette tape with the solo on both sides. So when I say I listened to it on repeat, I mean that I would literally scoot to the bottom of my bed, in our Edgecumbe Drive house, every three minutes to flip the tape in my little player for the half hour before I fell asleep. Too bad I wore that tape to shreds, because its now worth $50 on Amazon!

The more embarrassing part of this memory is that I recall crying during the song. Not sure what it was about Mickey and Minnie the Mice that made me sad, or romantic, or something as a five-year-old. Maybe I was really dreaming about being in a soda shop quartet someday.

I'm a bit surprised that I could even find this track on YouTube, but it must have been a favorite of many. There are videos posted of recitals and talent shows, not to mention one mother who had memorized the song as a lullaby for her baby. I can't say I still know the lyrics, though.

My parents like to remind me occasionally about this childhood addiction... THAT, and how many times they had to sit through It's A Small World at Disney World. So glad I could torture you with Disney, Mom and Dad! Maybe someday my kids will return the favor, probably with this techno version.